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Enana Group Inaugurates Jamila Festival in Algeria
Writer/Source: Sana (24/7/2010)
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The Syrian dance Group Enana on Saturday inaugurated Jamila Festival in Algeria by performing a dancing theatrical show dubbed 'Zenobia, Queen of the East' on Jamila City Theatre.

The show narrates the story of Queen Zenobia who was a symbol of steadfastness against enemies. It doesn't only focus on wars, but also on the humanitarian dimensions of the transparent love between Zenobia and her husband King Odaenathus.

In a statement to SANA, Director of Enana Group Jihad Mufleh said" it is not the first visit of my group to Algeria where Enana presented it theatric show /Julia Domna/ in the framework of the festivity of Algiers the Arab capital of culture for 2007."

Mufleh indicated that presenting the show of 'Zenobia, Queen of the East' on Jamila archeological theatre with its ancient Roman pillars enriched the show and endowed it with a great credibility.

For his part, official Spokesperson for the Algerian National Office of Culture and Information Samir Moftah said that Enana Group was selected to perform its show at the opening of Jamila Festival due to the success it has achieved across the Arab countries over the past ten years.

Despite the participation of many Arab artistic groups specialized in theatrical dancing, Enana usually seeks to be distinguished in its shows, he added.

The Algerian audience were fascinated by the amazing performance of the Syrian ensemble due to the high technique used in designing the show and the harmony among the members of the group.

Jamila Festival is one of the most important Arab festivals as it attracts elite singers from all the Arab countries, and a large number of people visit this city not only to watch the fantastic shows, but also to see the archeological monuments in Jamila City, which is considered the cultural capital of Algeria.
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