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Local Administration launches campaign in Aleppo, Homs to empower cities confront disasters
Writer/Source: Sana (12/10/2010)
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The Ministry of Local Administration will launch on Wednesday in the Syrian cities of Aleppo and Homs a local campaign for mitigating the effects of supposed disasters.

This campaign is part of the international "Making Cities Resilient: My City is Getting Ready" campaign. It coincides with the International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction which takes place on the second Wednesday of October.

Aleppo and Homs are one of 1000 cities that were nominated to participate in the global campaign.

The campaign in Aleppo, organized by Aleppo City Council, includes studies on earthquakes and reorganizing certain areas in the governorate, in addition to providing advanced firefighting equipment, organizing awareness campaigns, specifying public safety conditions and enforcing them in industrial facilities, and a children's art contest.

The UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR) adopted the international campaign in order to make cities more capable of confronting disasters, in addition to bolstering the role of local governments in planning and implementing work plans for reducing dangers of disasters.

The campaign's activities, which will last until the end of 2011, include trials of evacuating schools in cases of fire, an awareness campaign on reducing risks carried out in cooperation with UN Development Program (UNDP), training course, and many other activities and initiatives.

The ISDR chose Syria as the campaign's sponsor in the Arab region. Syria was represented by the Minister of Local Administration in the regional campaign's launch in Kuwait earlier in October.

Special Representative of the ISDR Secretary General Margareta Wahlstrom invited Syria to participate in the campaign due to Syria's efforts in reducing the dangers of disasters.

Damascus hosted a regional workshop on enhancing resilience of cities against disasters.

Local Administration carried out various projects to build national disaster-management capabilities in cooperation with the UNDP along with several training courses and scenarios, in addition to establishing a geographic information system and a wireless communication system for use in case of major disasters.
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