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Main Report of Family Health Survey in Syria: Providing Database on Health and Demographic Features of Families
Writer/Source: Sana (12/10/2010)
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Central Survey Office issued on Tuesday the main report of family health survey in Syria.

The survey is conducted by the Central Survey Office in cooperation with the Health Ministry, the State Planning Commission and the Syrian Commission for Family Affairs.

Chairman of the State Planning Commission Amer Husni Lutfi said the main goals of this survey focus on providing a database on the health situation and demographic features of Syrian families and Iraqi families resident in Syria.

He pointed out that the data constitute a main reference for national development policies and evaluating the effects of policies and projects on a systematic, scientific basis.

Lutfi added that the outcome of this survey formed a basic approach for the upcoming five-year plan.

For his part, Director of the Central Survey Office Shafiq Arbash said, "Comparing the results of this survey with the results of the survey conducted in 2001 shows improvement in some aspects".

The survey was conducted on 28693 families in all Syrian provinces including 2996 Iraqi families resident in Syria.

Concerning the reproductive health, the survey shows that the percentage of women who had their pregnancy during the last years sponsored by an authorized supervisor is 87, 7%, while the percentage supervising the first child was 94, 6%.

As for sexually-transmitted diseases, the report shows that 82% of women aged between 15 and 49 years are aware of AIDS.

The survey shows that the initial estimations of children and infants death rates show that children death rate is 0, 17%.

The average of Syrian families is 5, 0 with male percentage is 51.1% i.e. 105 males to 100 females.

As for education, the survey shows that the percentage of university graduates is 5%.

This survey was conducted within the framework of the Arab project for Family Health and in coordination with the World Health Organization, the UN Population Fund and UNICEF in Damascus
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