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Israeli Occupation Forces Set Massive Fire in Ain al-Tina in Occupied Syrian Golan
Writer/Source: Sana (19/10/2010)
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The Israeli occupation forces on Monday set a massive fire in the occupied part of Ain al-Tina site which overlooks Majdal Shams Town in the occupied Syrian Golan.
This aggressive act comes in the framework of the inhuman practices of the Israeli occupation forces which target the people and the environment in the Syrian Golan through stealing water, uprooting trees and dumping nuclear wastes to pollute the soil and groundwater.

Governor of Quneitra Province Riyad Hijab said that all the required measures were taken by the Civil Defense, the Agriculture Directorate and the Establishment of Water to prevent the spread of fire in the liberated territories.

"The Israeli occupation forces set such fire every year as they did two years ago when the fire reached the forests of Brayqa Village destroying about 10,000 dunums," said Quneitra Fire Brigade Leader Firas Samara.

Israel continues its hostile exercises as reports published last week indicated that the farmers of the occupied Syrian Golan lost up to USD 25 millions after the Israeli Mekorot Water Company started last September pumping large quantities of water from the 8-million-cubic meter pool of Ram into Tabarayia Lake and water storage tanks in the settlements.
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