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Significant Economic Decisions Concerning Economic Process in Syria Next Week
Writer/Source: Sana (2/5/2011)
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Minister of Economy and Trade Mohammed Nidal al-Shaar said the next week will witness very important economic decisions concerning the economic process in Syria.

In an interview with Addounia Satellite Channel on Sunday, al-Shaar added that the government is currently working to re-structure the economic process in Syria as we want fundamental solutions.

The Minister stressed that the Syrian leadership has given its directives for the adoption of transparency, sharing and consultation with citizens and involving them in the economic process, saying that the current relationship between government and citizens must be direct.

"We started to tackle the issue of fuel oil, because it has great affects on the prices of all goods, particularly the food staffs", he said.

Al-Shaar added that this will be done either through reducing its price or through direct support or a package of measures for that purpose. He stressed that the tradesmen, citizens and businessmen should interact and share in making the economic decision.

The Minister said "The government's basic concern regarding the monetary policy is keeping a real price of the dollar and Euro."

He added there are changes in the dollar price vs. the Syrian currency or in the Syrian Pound price vs. the other currencies due to the new economic policies.

The Minister said " We will encourage export either through direct or indirect support or through a combination between the exports and imports.

He denied the fabrications of some mass media on a food problem in Daraa, pointing out that there is a daily observation of the issue of the bread, vegetables, fruits and meats.
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