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Seven Martyrs Escorted to Final Resting Place
Writer/Source: Sana (2/5/2011)
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Seven martyrs from the army members and the security forces were escorted to their final resting places.

The martyrs, who were killed by extremist terrorist groups in Daraa while in the line of duty, were carried on hands in solemn processions while the military band was playing the 'Martyr' and the 'Farewell' music.

The martyrs are:

-Adjutant Fadi Suleiman Shadoud, 36 years old, from al-Tamarqyeh village, Masyaf, Hama.

- Sergeant Abdul Majid Shehan al-Ali al-Kadro, 21 years old, from Mohsen al-Tob, Der-Ezzour.

- Conscript Faysal Mohammad Jaddou, 21 years old, from Tawateha Village, Abu-Kamal, Der-Ezzour.

- Conscript Saddam Mostafa al-Ali, 20 years old, from Kernaz in Hama.

- Conscript Issa Moussa al-Moussa, 21 years old, from Khanaser, Aleppo.

- Conscript Raad Fawaz al-Hazzoum, 21 years old, from Del al-Ejl Village, Salamyeh, Hama.

Three martyrs were escorted to their final resting place in Hama in solemn official and public processions. The crowds chanted slogans saluting martyrs and Syria, vowing to offer more sacrifices for the sake of the homeland.

Martyr Fadi Shaddoud was laid to rest in al-Tarmaqieh village, Masyaf. Thousands received the body with national cheers for Syria's security and unity.

Mufid Suleiman Shaddoud, Fadi's brother, said ''My brother was treacherously killed in Daraa while in the line of duty…We are proud of his martyrdom and we offer it as a sacrifice for the sake of our beloved country.''

Also Del al-Ejl village in Hama paid last honors to the martyr Raad Fawwaz al-Hazzoum.

Raad's uncle said Raad did a sacred duty, adding that the homeland is in the grip of a critical stage that necessitates sacrificing the dearest to foil the conspiracy targeting it.

Thousands in Aleppo escorted martyr Issa Moussa al-Moussa to his final resting place in Khanaser, Aleppo. Al-Moussa was martyred by extremist terrorist groups in Daraa.

The family of the martyr praised his good attributes, adding that the conspiracy was divulged, with its aim being dividing Syria for protecting resistance.

In turn, Tawateha village, Abu Kamal in Der Ezzour received the body of martyr Faysal Mohammad Jaddou, who was martyred while in the line of duty.

The martyr's father said he takes pride in the martyrdom of his son.

Martyr Sergeant Abdul Majid Shehan was laid to rest in al-Tob village, Mo Hassan in Deir Ezzour. His uncle said the Syrians are ready to sacrifice their blood for their country.

A solemn procession in Hasaka escorted Martyr Saleh Younes Hweit to his final resting place in al-Kaita village, 15 km south of Qamishli. Saleh was martyred in Darra.
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