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General Federation of Trade Unions marks International Workers' Day
Writer/Source: Sana (2/5/2011)
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The General Federation of Trade Unions in Syria held a central festival on Monday on occasion of May 1st, the International Workers' Day, at its headquarters in Damascus.

In a speech on this occasion, member of Al-Baath Party Regional Leadership Usama Adi affirmed that the working class in Syria managed to become a pillar of Syrian independence and stability, and that it continues to exert efforts to advance the country and participate in the reform and development process led by President Bashar al-Assad.

Adi stressed that Syria is going through a critical stage and that resilience is the true criterion for belonging to land, nationality and identity, which was manifested by the rallies across the country that affirmed the people's national choice and loyalty to Syria and its leader.

He affirmed that reform and development is part of the Syrian workers' course and aspirations, adding that Syria achieved much on the regional and international levels and confronted challenges and attempts of isolation based on its faith in its people and history and its strong national unity.

In turn, Chairman of the General Federation of Trade Unions Mohammad Shaaban Azouz underlined the delicate circumstances currently affecting Syria and the plots against its security, stability and national unity, affirming that the working class is committed to foiling these plots and supporting reforms.

Azouz stressed the importance of focusing on economic and social issues and cooperating to develop establishments and invest all resources in the national development process.

He reviewed the various achievements that were realized for the working class in recent years, including health insurance, pay raises, tax exemptions and providing new employment opportunities.

For his part, Secretary General of the International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions (ICATU) Ragab Maatouk said that the attempts at tampering with Syria's security and stability are clearly part of a conspiracy, saying that the ICATU supports Syria's resilience.

He also called upon others to stand by Syria and its adherence to principles and Arab rights to help protect it from the vandalism caused by terrorist groups that responded to the wise steps taken by the Syrian leadership with violence
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