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Member of Extremist Terrorist Group: Yasser al-Mahamid Distributed Arms, Ammunition
Writer/Source: Sana (2/5/2011)
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Ibrahim Nayef al-Masalmeh, a member of an extremist terrorist group in Daraa, said the armed groups' activities in the city started when the security forces began withdrawal from Daraa.

The Syrian TV on Monday broadcast confessions of Ibrahim Nayef al-Masalmeh, a member of a terrorist group in Daraa city, to killing and terrifying citizens in the city.

The withdrawal from the city came after President Bashar al-Assad promised Daraa dignitaries to order the withdrawal of security forces.

Al-Masalmeh said he and Yasser al-Mahamid, another member of the terrorist group, distributed 20 rifles and ammunition to people, not to mention the huge amounts of cash received.

Al-Masalmeh said one of his friends told him that there are mass protests all over Syria on Friday and that they will start after noon prayer.

He said that the armed groups started at night guarding with sticks and some people brought their weapons from their houses.

Al-Masalmeh added that Yasser al-Mahamid provided the group repeatedly with ammo.

He added that the number of those groups' members is about 200 people, pointing out that as the army entered the city they fired against soldiers and told Sheikh Ahmad al-Saiyasneh that they have decided to prevent the army from entering the city and he said, "If this is what you want, may God protect you".
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