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Academics and intellectuals: Reform Requires Releasing National Energies, Participation of all People and Establishments
Writer/Source: Sana (4/5/2011)
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number of academics, intellectuals and social and economic figures considered that the reform process in Syria is underway on all levels, and that it requires activating all potentials and releasing national energies and rallying them to carry out a comprehensive reform program involving all Syrian people and establishments.

Professor at the 2nd Faculty of Economy in Tartous Madin al-Dabet underlined the importance of focusing on developing local resources to fund economic and social development and guarantee the independence of decision-making.

He also stressed the importance of tax reform, combating squandering and corruption, investing in resources to achieve balanced development, and avoiding rashness in issuing decisions.

In turn, artist Ahmad Khalil said that reform begins at administrative and institutional reform by developing the role of the various state establishments and relations among them, specifying responsibilities and duties, bolstering the role of the judicial system and holding those who caused the current crisis accountable for their actions.

Secretary of Tartous Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kifah Kaddour said that reform must be part of a continuous process based on social, economic and political factors that take into considerations society's circumstances and preserve national standards.

Head of the Homs Lawyers Syndicate Suleiman Radwan pointed out to the importance of the legislations issued recently, saying that the law for regulating the right to peaceful protest is one of the best in the world.

For his part, historian Munzer al-Hayek said that the reform steps and the decisions taken by the leadership need time to show effective results, affirming that reform constitutes a starting point towards a better future that guarantees security and prosperity to all Syrians.

Al-Hayek noted that Syria is a pioneer of coexistence and that it will remain safe in the future, lauding the positive reaction towards reform in Syria.

Rector of Al-Baath University in Homs Amer Fakhouri indicated to the importance of the reform decrees that serve the country's development, calling for working to achieve these reforms.

Several engineers from Sweida governorate agreed that reform requires paying more attention to the public sector, giving more independence to authorities, popular supervision, combating corruption, the independence of the judiciary system, and making the security of the country and citizens a priority.

They stressed that awareness and responsibility are the best method to confront conspiracies and achieve developments in all fields, calling for more flexibility in mass media and caring for the agricultural sector
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