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People's Assembly Approves Several Draft Laws, Ends the 9th Legislative Term
Writer/Source: Sana (4/5/2011)
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People's Assembly on Monday approved a draft law on establishing the administrative judicial courts and the administrative courts according to the rules of the basic Law of the State's employees.

The Assembly held an exceptional session headed by Speaker Mahmoud al-Abrash who underlined Syria's capability of facing challenges under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad, and Syrian people's awareness to foil instigation campaigns.

The People's Assembly referred legislative decrees issued by President al-Assad to the competent and authorized committees to study them.

The decrees are:

Decree No. 46 which includes the State's civil and military retired employees in the health insurance.

Decree No.49 that offers the Syrian Nationality to the people registered in the records of al-Hassak foreigners.

Decree No. 53 which provides for canceling the Supreme State Security Council.

Decree No. 54 that regulates the right of peaceful demonstration for citizens
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