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Cabinet Agrees on Establishing Graduates Employment Program
Writer/Source: Sana (4/5/2011)
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The cabinet's meeting on Tuesday, chaired by Premier Dr. Adel Safar, agreed on establishing a youth employment program for employing universities and institutes graduates in the public sector.

The program provides around 50,000 job opportunities over 5 years at 10,000 job opportunities per year.

The ministries were requested to provide the Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor with their job needs within one week in preparation to launch the implementation of the program.

Dr. Safar stressed the need for taking necessary measures to provide more job opportunities and settling the issue of temporary employees.

In a statement to the journalists, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Dr. Radwan al-Habib said the program targets young graduates aged 22-30 with the aim of providing the public sector with qualified cadres which would help improve the public work performance.

Al-Habib added the program provides 50,000 extra job opportunities added to those planned in the 11th Five-Year plan through a simplified mechanism taking into consideration unemployment rates throughout the Syrian governorates.
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