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Bin Jeddo: Destabilizing Syria A Suicidal Adventure Affecting the Whole Region
Writer/Source: Sana (9/5/2011)
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The Tunisian journalist Ghassan Bin Jeddo said the aim behind exerting pressure on Syria is to create a new Middle East, one which is completely submissive.

In an interview with the Tunisian newspaper al-Shorouk published on Sunday, Bin Jeddo considered that destabilizing Syria would be a suicidal adventure whose grave repercussions will affect all countries in the Middle East and the Arab Gulf.

"Syria, under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad, is following a national and pan-Arab policy towards resisting foreign hegemony, as Damascus has been the only Arab capital to embrace and support the resistance factions," said Bin Jeddo.

He indicated to the presence of well-trained armed groups in Syria, raising many questions about the source of the large amounts of weapons which were seized with the groups.

On his resignation form al-Jazeera satellite channel, the Tunisian journalist made it clear that the two sides signed a joint agreement on not engaging with the affairs of each side in any way that could be considered effensive or defamatory.

Bin Jeddo however highlighted how al-Jazeera focused on the recent events in Syria, Yemen and Libya differently ignoring what takes place in other countries
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