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Brigadier General, Professor Assassinated by Armed Terrorist Groups in Homs
Writer/Source: Sana (27/9/2011)
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Brigadier General Nael al-Dukheel was martyred on Monday at the hands of an armed terrorist group at al-Fayroza Circle in Homs Governorate.

Another terrorist group assassinated Dr. Mohammad Ali Akeel, professor at Homs Faculty of Architecture. The armed terrorist group opened fire at the martyr and stabbed him with sharp tools.

Other terrorist groups kidnapped two of al-Shakma family in al-Bayyadah neighborhood and tried to kidnap Head of the Neighborhoods Committees, Marwan al-Rai, who was shot in his thigh during the kidnapping attempt.

Armed Persons Loot a Bus in Idleb

An armed terrorist group on Monday stormed a microbus affiliated to the Rural Areas Development Project in Idleb Governorate.

Head of the Project told SANA that four armed terrorists riding motorbikes stopped the 14-seat microbus and forced the employees to step out before taking it to an unknown destination.

Martyr al-Dukheel was born in 1957 in Homs province while Martyr Akil was born in 1962.

Martyr al-Dukheel's brother, Habib al-Dakhil, said an armed terrorist group fired at his brother on his way back home leading to his martyrdom.

A witness from the area said, "I heard the sound of firing so I went up the roof of my house to see what is happening. I saw a group of armed terrorists cutting the way and firing at a car and then I went to a security point and told them about that."
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