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Democratic Korean Delegation Visits Quneitra, Stresses Syrians' Ability to Overcome Foreign Conspiracy
Writer/Source: Sana (27/11/2011)
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Chairman of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Democratic Korea, Hong Sang-jung, on Saturday stressed his country's support to Syria in restoring its occupied territories in Golan and confronting the foreign conspiracy targeting it.

During a visit to the liberated city of Quneitra in southern Syria, Sang-jung said the Syrian and Democratic Korean people fight in one trench against the conspiracies and the western imperialism, on top being the US.

The Democratic Korean delegation toured Quneitra and inspected the savage intentional destruction by the Israeli war machine which targeted all the human, cultural and religious features of the city.

The delegation members said their visit to the liberated city has left a deep impression on them, noting that they will convey what the scenes of tremendous destruction inflicted by the Israeli occupation forces in Quneitra to the Korean people.

They expressed solidarity with the people of Quneitra and the Syrian people in general, with Sang-jung underlining his confidence in the Syrians' determination and ability to overcome the foreign pressures facing them.

Governor of Quneitra, Hussein Arnous, presented a full review of the city's history on the geographical and economic levels and in terms of population, briefing the Korean delegation on Israel's intentional destruction of Quneitra.

He highlighted the suffering of the Syrian prisoners in the Israeli jails and of the people in the occupied Golan because of the Israeli measures and practices, targeting their means of livelihood, stressing Syria's determination to fully restore the occupied Golan
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