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By: rahela reka
a new pupil came to a new school to study.he asked the new teacher:is this a good thing to do something bad to someone who has done nothing?the teacher said?no never!and the pupil answered:ok,thank u,because today i haven't done my homework:-)))
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By: MS
George w. Bush And Tony Blair were planning world war 3, and a newsreporter asked them what they would do. Bush Said= Were going to kill 150 Muslims and a Jew. The reporter asked= WHat? Why one Jew? Bush leaned towards Blair and whispered in his ear= See, nobody will ask about the Muslims...
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By: wissam
once there was 4 jew in a car. they went very fast and crached into a tree and the 4 of them died.
Q:what is so sad about this story???.........................
A:there was enough room in the car for an other one...

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By: Lu'ay
Why does a coke bottle seem to sweat when taken out of the fridge?...because it knows it's going to get 'opened'
(Leish aneenat il cola bti3ra' lama btittalla3 min il barrad?'no 3rfanay halha hatinfitih ;)
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By: Morgan
What do you call a flea on a bald mans head? Homeless...
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By: fares
why did the homsi take a ladder with him into the bathroom?so the smell can go up step by step
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By: Ameer
A homsi man wanted to be a terrorist.
he kidnaped his own son and asked for a ransom
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By: Crystal
Once there was a fat lady that weighs 300lb. When she went on the weighing mashien it said "to be countinued"
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By: Corinna Henry

Three men, one American, one Japanese, & an Irishman were
naked in a sauna. Suddenly there was a beeping sound. The
pressed his forearm and the beep stopped. The others looked at
"That was my pager", he said, "I have a microchip under the skin
of my
arm". A few minutes later a phone rang. The Japanese fellow
lifted his
palm to his ear. When he finished he explained, "That's was my
mobile phone.
have a microchip in my hand." The Irishman felt decidedly low
tech, but
not to be outdone he decided he had to do something just as
He stepped out of the sauna and went to the toilet. He returned
with a piece
of toilet paper hanging from his behind. The others raised their
and stared at him. The Irishman finally
said.... "Well, will you look at that, I'm getting a FAX!!

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By: Hasan
There was this hashaash walking back home at night, he sees a parked jeep and on the side written "4*4" so this hashaash stood and though four times four yeeee it's easy 16 so he took out he keys and scartched on the car next to 4*4=16 and left. The next day the owner of the car noticed that somebody has scartched his jeep =16 next to 4*4, the owner got very angry and said yel3an aboo yelii sawa haik and took his car to the car painter, the painter fixed the scartch and took off =16 and made it like before. That night al hashaash was walking back home and saw the same jeep again kaman there was 4*4 on the side of it so he stood next to the car thinking slowly what is 4*4? yeeee it's easy 4*4=16 so he took out his keys and scartched the car and wrote =16 and left, the next days same thing the owner of the car looked at the scartch and cussed at whoever did that and took it to the car painter. The car painter told the owner of the car shoo ra2yeek that i will make 4*4=16 in a profissional way since whoever is scartching your are will keep scartching it everytime he will see 4*4 so i will write the answer for him and put it in a nice way. The owner of the car said yeah why not go ahead a7san hal, so the painter put 4*4=16 in a good way and shined it. That night the hashaash was walking back home and looked at the jeep and saw 4*4=16 so he stood next to the car and though 4*4=16 he's said finally the owner of the car knew the answer to what four times four so he took out his keys and put a check next to 16 since the answer is right hehehe, helwe maa?
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By: Tazaza
once upon time, abu abed and abu stef traveled to france. they got hungry, so they went to the restaurant. when the waitress came to take the order, she did not understand what they say because both of them don't know how to talk french, so the waitress went without taking the order. abu abed chased the waitress and took off his pants. suddenly, the waitress understood what he wants and brought him one hot dog and 2 eggs. now it is turn of abu stef to give the waitress his order. he got closer to her and took off his pants. suddenly, the waitress understood what he wants and brought him a tooth pick and 2 olives.
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By: rEn0uShY
A dad asked his son to go and water the plants. the kid said: dad its raining outside !!!
his father says: its not an excuse take an umbrella and go out.
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By: amer
one homsy man went to engage some girl...and he met her father and start talking: he said, i would like to ask u for ur daughter and i will be very happy if u agree...
the father said: but she is studying now
and will complete her studying
the homsy man said: ok, i will back after an hour.
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By: Samuel
Q: what's 100 jew on the moon? A: a problem
Q: what's 100 000 jew on the moon?A: a bigger problem
Q: what's all jews on the moon? A: NO MORE PROBLEMS
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By: mouaazzen
once there was a very fat guy that weights 220kg.
he got onto an electrical balance and it told him : one by one please:):):):):):):):):):):)

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